Is V1connection, the app not working? – Fix Server Down, Crashing & Loading issues

Is V1connection, the app App not working on iOS or Android device? Do you want to know Why it’s not working today? if you are having V1connection, the app server down, blank screen freezing, Crashing, Server error, Connection error, or anything like that while using this app,here I’ll show you how to fix these issues.

Is V1connection, the app App not working issue?

Name V1connection, the app
Publisher Valentine Research, Inc.
Rating 3.23256
Version 1.79
Category Travel

V1connection, the app. Links the new Valentine One Generation 2 detector directly to your iOS device. It also links the now-superseded Valentine One w/ESP detector through an optional Bluetooth module called V1connection LE. See the Threat Picture, a breakthrough in analyzing radar threats. Screen out false alarms with our game-changing Arrow-in-the-Box concept. Every signal on every band gets its own directional arrow and frequency readout. Flashing arrow points to the Priority Alert. The app brings Dark Mode, Muting, and new programming options. Lets you relocate V1’s front-panel warning to an eyes-only location. New: eSAVVY lets you set a speed below which all new warnings will be muted. Downloads and upgrades are free.


V1 Gen2 firmware upgrades are downloadable only through this app; downloadable upgrades are incompatible with superseded V1 models.


See our exclusive Radar Locator with its illuminated arrows pointing toward each threat as the Bogey Counter tracks multiple threats. Also shows you a revolutionary new way of analyzing radar threats.



Is V1connection, the app App is not Working Today?

There maybe many root causes depending on the error users are getting or why this app not working.

Here are few of those problems-

  • server is going under large volume of traffic, offline or under-maintenance.
  • It is not compatible with your mobile phone.
  • The application isn’t compatible with the latest Smartphone update.
  • Required permissions haven’t been provided during installation.
  • The problem with your network connection,
  • You are entering the wrong login information.

Whatever the issue is, most of the time you can fix it.

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How to fix V1connection, the app App not working error?

If this Travel app not working on your phone, follow the guide mentioned below-

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest app version available.
  2. Check data speed, Confirm that it’s not a connectivity issue.
  3. You can connect with Valentine Research, Inc. on Twitter or via mail to see if the server is under-maintance or down.
  4. If there is no problem with the server, network, or update you can try resetting V1connection, the app. to do so clear out app cache and data.
  5. Make sure that the application is compatible with your phone.
  6. Some developers won’t allow APK installation from third-party sources. Uninstall it if you download installed from an unofficial website.
  7. If the problem is unablity to login reset your password and try again.
  8. In case nothing works, you can contact customer care.

That’s it, that is all you need to do.

What to do if V1connection, the app Server is down right now?

here is how to check How to fix if V1connection, the app servers are down?

In case user is getting error, similar to-

  • Unable to connect to the server.
  • V1connection, the app servers are temporarily unavailable.
  • Not able to connect V1connection, the app servers right now.
  • Server.
  • Official website is taking too much time to load.
  • app pages are not loading.

So if you are having any of these connection errors, chances are its server-related error.

V1connection, the app not loading

The V1connection, the app not opening issue may be caused by one of the following reasons-

  • Not compatible with phone: V1connection, the app app might not compatible with your smartphone.
  • APK downloaded from other sources: You may probably download V1connection, the app APK/App from an unauthorized source instead of the official app store.
  • Using older version: You probably have the older version of thisapplication.

Getting/Having/Fix V1connection, the app Network/Server/Connection error

Network-related errors are one of the most usual causes of V1connection, the app app not working error.

It could be occurring due to these following reasons-

  • Connection problem: It wouldappear generally if you have weak data connection or no network at all.
  • Glitch in server: Make sure that servers aren’t down today or under maintenance.In these cases, you just have to wait and try again later after some time.

If problem is due to users internet you can fix it by switching to a different network.

V1connection, the app is not working after update

The V1connection, the app stopped working after updating the app affect a large number of users.

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In case mobile app stopped working on your device after the recent update , here is what you can do-

If stopped working after app update

Sometimes update cause app to crashing on few devices.

User can, roll back to the previously installed or wait for the developers to update again the app with bug fixes.

if stopped working after OS update

The update that is pushed by developers isn’t the only reason behind this kind of issue.

Sometimes applications stopped working after the Operating System updates.

In this case wait till developers fix the issue.

Getting Blank/White screen

Here are some of the reasons why this application screens are stuck on loading and you are getting blank screen while trying to access this app-

  • There might be a issues to your internet connection.
  • The server is unreachable at the time.
  • There possibly a glitch in it, which is not fixed .

in case White screen/Blank Screen isn’t caused by a bug you can Check connected internet connection to confirm if the white screen error is not linked to your data connection.

V1connection, the app Constantly freezing

Is the screen is freezing when you use anything on this Travel app?

If V1connection, the app Constantly freezing this might be due to one of the following reasons-

  • This could be storage-related issue. Check if you have enough storage.
  • VPN, and Proxy also causes the issue, turn off the VPN If that is causing problems.
  • It could be a bug in the app.

V1connection, the app Support

Following this troubleshooting guide, you can fix those issues

Even after following this post, if you still have any query or need any other help you can contact V1connection, the app customer care.

Here is how you contact support-

  • Official website:

That’s about Fix V1connection, the app not working, Server Down, Crashing & Loading errors