Fix MyDART Des Moines not working, Server Down, Crashing & Loading errors

Is MyDART Des Moines App not working on your iOS or Android smartphone? In case you want to know Why it’s not working today? if you are getting MyDART Des Moines server down, blank screen freezing, Crashing, Server error, Connection error, or anything like that while using this app,here I’ll show you how to fix these issues.

Is MyDART Des Moines App not working error?

NameMyDART Des Moines
PublisherBytemark, Inc.

With mobile ticketing and trip planning, the MyDART app is your all-in-one tool for taking transit in Greater Des Moines.

Buy your bus pass in the MyDART app and start using it on your schedule. DART offers one-way, day, 7-day and 31-day passes for use on all services. When ready to board the bus, activate the mobile ticket you want to use and show your phone to the bus operator to pay fare. If you are a Paratransit or Half Fare customer, contact Customer Service at 515-283-8100 to add those tickets to your MyDART account.

Use the MyDART app to plan a trip and access real-time arrival of buses. Enter your starting point and ending destinations for trip options that best fit your schedule. Use the Next DART Bus feature to get the real-time arrival of buses and view a map of DART bus stops near your location.

Why MyDART Des Moines App is not Working ?

There could be any kind of reasons depend upon the error users are having & why it is not working.

Here are some of those errors-

  • app servers are going under large volume of traffic, offline or under-maintenance.
  • This App is not supported by your mobile.
  • this mobile app is not compatible with the recent Smartphone update.
  • You haven’t provided required permissions.
  • There is some issue with your network,
  • The user id or password that you are entering you are not right.

Whatever the issue is, most of the time you can fix it.

How to fix MyDART Des Moines App not working error?

If this Travel application not working on your Android phone, here is how to fix-

  1. Find out that you have installed the latest version on your phone.
  2. Check network connectivity, Confirm that this is not a Internet related issue.
  3. You can connect with Bytemark, Inc. on Twitter or via mail to see if the servers are down or under-maintainance.
  4. If the server unreachable today, you have to wait till it is fixed.
  5. Check on the app installation page, that if the other users like you are facing the same problem. If that’s the case it is most likely a bug.
  6. If you installed the app from an unauthorized source, please uninstall it. Some developers do not allow it.
  7. If the issue is unablity to login reset your password and try again.
  8. However, if none of these works, you can contact customers’ support email.
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Hopefully by following this troubleshooting guide will be fixed the MyDART Des Moines not working today.

How to check if MyDART Des Moines Server is down right now?

here is how to know if MyDART Des Moines server is down?

so user is having server related, similar to-

  • Not able to establish connection to the server.
  • MyDART Des Moines server is temporarily unavailable.
  • Not able to reach MyDART Des Moines servers at this moment.
  • Server.
  • Official website is taking too much time to load.
  • Screen in-app taking too much time to load.

So if you are getting any of these issues, chances are its server-related issue.

MyDART Des Moines not opening

The MyDART Des Moines not opening problem may be caused by one of the following reasons-

  • The app is not compatible: MyDART Des Moines app might not compatible with your smartphone.
  • Unauthorized APK: You may probably download MyDART Des Moines APK/App from an unauthorized source instead of the app store.
  • App needed update: You might have the unsupported version of thisapplication.

Getting/Having/Fix MyDART Des Moines Network/connection/Server error

Network-related glitches are one of the too general causes of MyDART Des Moines app not working error.

this could be appearing due to one of the following reasons-

  • Network-related issue: This wouldappear primarily if user have poor connection or no network at all.
  • Server-related issue: Check that servers are not down or under maintenance.If that’s the case, you have to wait till it fixed.

If problem is because of your network you can fix this error by using different network.

MyDART Des Moines stopped working after recent update

The MyDART Des Moines stopped working after updating the app affect a large number of users.

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If this app stopped working on your device after the recent update , here is fixes you can try-

If stopped working after app update

At times the bigger updates makes app to stopped working on some smartphones.

You can, revert back to the last version or wait for the developers to update again the app with bug fixes.

if stopped working after Operating system update

The app updates isn’t the only reason behind this kind of errors.

Sometimes applications stopped working after the Mobile OS updates.

In this case wait till developers upload latest app version with bug fixes.

Getting White or Blank screen

Here are few of the root causes why this mobile app pages are stuck on loading and app users are getting blank screen while using MyDART Des Moines-

  • There might be a problem with user’s net connection.
  • Server is not reachable at currently.
  • There might be a unfixed issue in the recent version of the app, which is not fixed .

if the White/Blank screen isn’t caused by a glitch you can Check your internet connection to confirm if the error is not related to your Cellular or WiFi connection.

MyDART Des Moines Constantly freezing

Is the screen is freezing when you use certain features on this Travel application?

If MyDART Des Moines Constantly freezing this could be due to one of the following reasons-

  • This could be memory-related issue. Check if you have enough storage.
  • VPN, and Proxy also causes the issue, turn off the VPN If that’s the reason here.
  • It might be a bug in the app.

MyDART Des Moines Customer Support

Following this troubleshooting guide, you can fix those errors

However, if you still have any doubts or need immediate assistance you can contact MyDART Des Moines customer care.

Here is how you contact customer care

  • Official website:

That’s about Is MyDART Des Moines not working? – Fix Server Down, Crashing & Loading issues