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Augmented Earth App Review

Section Information
Name of the App Augmented Earth
App Rating Star From  users
Total App store rating reviews
Supported plateform iOS/Android Smartphone,Tablets
Current version 1.0.1 on App store
App Category Education
Date of publication 2017-07-06 04:37:10
Is it Free to download?  Yes
App size (in KB) 44,728.00
App Developer Augmented Earth, LLC

This Android & iOS App is Free so iOS & Android user can Install It without Paying online.
Augmented Earth
Augmented Earth is a great way to enhance and explore the world. Earth is an amazing planet. Every single place on Earth has an interesting history, fascinating scientific facts, and Incredibles stories to be told.
Augmented Earth provides a platform for students, educators, historical societies, tourist groups, and the general public to create reports and link them to a particular place on Earth. Other Augmented Earth users will be able to read those reports when they visit those places, either physically or virtually.
Here are a few of the ways you can use Augmented Earth:
Create historical reports about places or events and post them for the world to read.
Create virtual tours about your town that people can enjoy in the real world.
Post as many reports about your organization as you want, sharing your history, mission, specials, and any other pieces of information that might inspire visitors to come in and stay.
Tell the world about interesting things that happened, from horrible crimes on street corners to beautiful marriage proposals in romantic places.
Build virtual treasure hunts, where the clues from one location are used to figure out the secret password for a report, allowing the players to see where they should go for the next part of the treasure hunt.
Share interesting scientific facts about places.
Tell a story that takes the reader from place to place, so they can be in the exact setting where each scene happens.
Write inoffensive notes under personal stories and graffiti.
Create landscape artwork and post it at the place that inspired your creation, so people can enjoy comparing your artwork to the actual place.
We Listen
Augmented Earth is about people getting out and enjoying the world. Our goal is to serve our users to help them do that. We follow the principle of user-driven development. That means, as we continue to improve Augmented Earth, we will listen carefully to user feedback. So if you like Augmented Earth but you would like to see new features or improvements, let us know!
Using the APP
Augmented Earth has six sections that you access by the bottom row of buttons:
The first section allows you to enter and modify your user information.
The second section allows you to unselect the categories you want to exclude.
The third section displays a map with markers for different reports at each location. You can also click on the map to add your own reports.
The fourth section allows you to look at a list of report summaries represented by a single marker.
The fifth section lets you read a full report. If you contributed the report, you can also edit it.
The sixth section allows you to send text messages to report contributors.
It is available in on both major Mobile OS. It means you can Download Augmented Earth on iPhones, Ipads, Android tablets, Android phones, Android emulator too.
Augmented Earth Apk Download is absolutely free to Install on your Android/iOS mobile.

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Download Augmented Earth Apk

  1. To Download, You need to Went to Mobile App store or Third party apk site using this Download Link.
  2. After You are on the Downloading page then You just need to tap on Download now Button.
  3. Once Downloading is start then You have to install it manually In case Downloading Augmented Earth Apk from  Third party apk site.
  4.  Now Finally!! Augmented Earth is ready to be use.

Download Augmented Earth iOS App

  1. To Download the App, You have to Visit to Your phone’s App store By this Download Link.
  2. After You are on the App installation page then You just have to tap on Install Button.
  3.  In the end Augmented Earth is ready to be use.

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